Motion Graphics are sounding better than ever!

Scott Collins has sound designed for Ralph Guggenheim of Toy Story Fame. He single handedly sound designed, composed and mixed Potapych, winning the 3D International Film Award beating entries from Pixar, Disney and Sony.

The projects he has worked on have won many awards including a BAFTA, an AFI, five A.W.A.R.D.S  three ASSG awards for Best ‘Achievement in Sound’, Promax Gold and a Siren Award to name a few. 

He recently assembled an excellent team of sound designers to create the Explainer Sound Library. 

Scott and his team have designed some wonderful sounds that are simple to use and make motion graphics projects come to life. Transitions, pops, spins, morphs, appears, disappears, buttons, beeps PLUS technology sounds, foley  and real life sounds

If you can't afford to use a sound designer then you can afford to use the Explainer Sound SFX Library and create dynamic soundtracks, quickly and easily.

The library has over 2000 sound effects with more being added every month