Motion Graphics are sounding better than ever - Explainer Sound SFX Library

Scott Collins has been a sound designer for over 20 years,
Explainer Sound is his new sound effects company creating world class SFX for explainer videos and motion graphics at a very affordable price.
Literal, real-life sounds have always been easy. If a door closes, add in a door closing sound effect. 
Adding sounds to Motion Graphics is where things get interesting (and difficult).  
What sound do you add to a dog that pops onto screen, expands, spins, morphs, shrinks, is squeezed and exits the screen at light speed?…….Hard isn’t it.
Motion Graphic wipes, pops, accents, transitions and spins need to have good quality, interesting sounds or they end up sounding cheap.
Explainer Sound SFX Library has over 1000 sounds with more than 200 sounds specifically designed for Motion Graphics moves.
You can now quickly and easily create world class soundtracks  - in-house. 
After working with explainer videos and motion graphics for the last 18 years, he understands what sounds are needed to tell great stories and to make motion graphics come to life. He owns several very large sound effects libraries and the problem is that none of them have good ‘movement sounds’ for Motion Graphics. Good sounds make animation come to life. With a distinct lack of these movement sounds, Scott set about creating his own. Utilising hard synths, soft synths and a rack of effects Scott has designed some wonderful sounds that are so simple to use and they make motion graphics projects sound amazing. The Explainer Sound library has three main parts: 
1. Movement Sounds: more than 200 transitions, morphs, wipes, pops, accents, spins, swipes, swishes, whooshes, appear and disappear sounds. This is the GOLD right here. These are the sounds everyone wants and needs. The library is worth buying just for these sounds. You will use them on all your projects. 
2. Pops, Beeps and Buttons: There are over 70 Button/beep sounds, perfect for devices and accenting animation. There are over 70 tuned button sounds perfect for accenting product features. Pops for accenting animation, creating, pop ups. Correct, Idea and fail sounds used to highlight the problem and solution in your story telling.
3. Real life sounds: Atmospheres, cars, trucks, footsteps, doors, locks, alarms,hits, falls, horns, dogs, crowds, people, female/male (grunts, groans, sighs, negative and positive affirmations), cash registers, guns, explosions, glass break and hundreds and hundreds more. Perfect for establishing a scene and bringing your animation to life. 
"These are the sounds i wish I had. I could never find them so I had to create them. Now, I use them for every project I work on." Scott Collins - Explainer Sound
The library has over 1000 sound effects with more being added every month. 
Check out the explainer sound explainer video here:
Here is a motion graphics showreel which highlights more sounds from Explainer Sound SFX Library
You can here further  examples of sounds from the library here:
Scott Collins is a sound designer and music composer and has worked in post-production sound for 18 years. He has sound designed, composed and mixed films, documentaries and commercials that have won some very significant awards including BAFTA, AFI, A.W.A.R.D.S x 5, ASSG x 3, Promax Gold, Siren Award to name a few. Scott has mixed over 10,000 commercials and over 1000 explainer videos. 
He is acutely aware that great sound results in better entertainment, better communication, better branding, better sales and happier clients. To hear some of Scotts sound design work and music composition, visit:
Scott explains here what drove him to make the Explainer Sound SFX Library:
The internet has been a great 'distrupter' and has changed the nature of post production. 10 years ago it cost over $20,000 to buy the necessary gear and libraries to create good quality audio. Nowadays, that figure is $5000 or less if you use cracked software and stolen SFX. There are work bidding sites that have driven down the price of animation and explainer videos. Budgets are getting smaller and smaller. Because of this, Production companies do not use professional sound designers to mix their audio. They are getting their video editors and animators to add sound effects and mix the audio instead. There are free sounds and a heap of illegal copying and stealing of SFX. The issue with using sounds that you don't own, or free sounds that have probably been stolen, is that you have no right to use the sounds in your productions. Your client is unwittingly breaching the law by having copyright infringed sounds in their advertising. This is massive. I am not upset by any of these changes. Change is inevitable. Life is constantly evolving. Blockbuster video were huge but not anymore. We need to evolve along with the changes. What I am passionate about is great sound. I want all explainer videos and all motion graphics to sound great, to entertain and engage audiences. This is why I created the library.A lot of production companies are just starting to realise that they can do they sound mix in-house and have it sound good. If people can't afford to use me as a sound designer because their budgets are so small, then they need a great library of sounds, designed for motion graphics. 
Animators and video producers are loving the quality sounds, the ease of use and  world class results. 
Please reach out to me if you need any help with the library, advice or support for your project or have requests or ideas for new sounds to add to the library.
Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use the library.