Motion Graphics are sounding better than ever - Explainer Sound SFX Library

Scott Collins has been a sound designer for over 20 years,
Explainer Sound is his new sound effects company creating world class SFX for explainer videos and motion graphics at a very affordable price.

This week, we talk with multi-award winning Sound Designer and mix engineer Scott Collins about his Explainer Sound SFX Library.  But first some background information: over the last 20 years, Scott has worked on projects that have won a BAFTA, AFI, five A.W.A.R.D.S  three Australian Screen Sound Guild awards for Best ‘Achievement in Sound’, Promax Gold, Siren Award to name a few. He sound designed a film for Ralph Guggenheim of Toy Story Fame and a film that won the 3D International Film Award beating entries from Pixar and Sony.

Scott explains what inspired him to make the Explainer Sound SFX Library:

The internet and new technology has provided many exciting opportunities in this field, however it has also emerged as being a great disrupter, fundamentally changing the nature of post production. As the internet has become an increasing source of entertainment (with youtube and the like), and video becoming the ‘must have’ marketing tool. Most video productions whether it be an ad, explainer video or content go straight to the web. Production budgets are the lowest they have ever been and at the same time clients are expecting more for their money. This means that producers will try and cut costs wherever they can. There are also pressures from work bidding sites that have driven down the price of animation and explainer videos. Unlike television and radio, there are also no broadcast standards and audio specifications for sound on the web. Because of all these things, Production companies are not using professional sound designers to mix their audio, they are getting their video editors to add sound effects and mix the audio, if they add SFX at all. The upshot of this is that sound quality has fallen. However those that do value sound and have good sound on their videos, really stand out. Their videos are more engaging, tell better stories and are of a much higher quality than videos with poor sound or no SFX at all. 

A further issue is the use of ‘free sounds’ and the prevalence of illegal copying and stealing of SFX. The issue with using sounds that you don't own, or ‘free sounds’ (that have probably been stolen), is that your client is unwittingly breaching the law by having copyright infringed sounds in their advertising.

Scott is not upset by any of these changes. ‘Change is inevitable. Life is constantly evolving’ he says. ‘Blockbuster video were huge but not anymore. We need to evolve along with it. What I am passionate about is great sound. I want all motion graphics and Explainer Videos to sound great, to entertain and to engage audiences.’ This is why I created the Explainer Sound SFX library specifically for Motion Graphics, Infographics and Explainer Videos.

Scott has designed some wonderful sounds that are simple to use and make motion graphics projects come to life. Transitions, pops, spins, morphs, appears, disappears, buttons, beeps PLUS technology sounds and real life sounds

If people can't afford to use a sound designer then they can afford to use the Explainer Sound SFX Library and have ‘World Class’ sound, quickly and easily.



"These are the sounds I had always wanted. I could never find them, so I created them. I use them on every project I work on." Scott Collins - Explainer Sound

The library has over 2000 sound effects with more being added every month.


You can view his music composition and sound design reel at:


Please reach out to me if you need any help with the library, advice or support for your project or have requests or ideas for new sounds to add to the library.
Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use the library.