Buy Explainer Sound SFX library - over 2000 sounds for Motion Graphics and Explainer Videos

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Quick Guide to Using the Sounds

Tell Stories better with explainersound

  • Movement Sounds

    Other libraries simply don't have these sounds.

    Hundreds of movement sounds including accents, transitions, spins, morphs, wipes, pops, bubbles, bells, poofs, appears, disappears, swishes, swipes, stretches and whooshes, positive and negative notifications, natural and organic sounds, tech, simple and complex. Everything you need in one power pack.

  • Real Life Sounds - Foley

    Footsteps, voices, crowds, rewinds, bells, cars, helicopters, bicycles, room tone, birds, cameras, water, splashes, sirens, horns, falls, toilets, devices, clocks, atmospheres, planes, water, wind, household items, thunder, lightning etc.

    The best toolbox of sounds for motion graphics.

  • Clicks, Pops, Buttons

    Hundreds of pops, clicks, buttons, beeps, bells, blips, tuned buttons for bullet points, sparkles, bubbles, gleams, shines, 

    Hundreds of different button and tuned button sounds will make your videos stand out from your competitors

  • Over 2000 Sounds

    Created by award winning sound designers specifically for explainer videos and motion graphics. This sound kit has everything you need. The sounds mastered and delivered in high res 24 Bit, 48Khz wavOVER 5GB of sounds

  • Easy to use

    Simply drag and drop audio files into your audio animation or video editing software.

    Optimise your work flow and create great soundtracks in half the time with Explainersound


    All sounds are original and royalty free. Use them on all your projects. 




What people say about explainer sound

  • "A total game changer. Our videos sound incredible”

    Alex Richardson - Art of Mentoring

  • “Sound designed SFX for motion graphics are the hardest sounds to find and this library has a ton of them.”

    Mark Simpson - Sixty40

  • “Sound was always a challenge before we found this library"

    Dave Owen - Explanimate

  • "…..these sounds are so freakin' good! Exactly what we were looking for"

    Jay Black - Noiselab